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bee my guest?
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December 29, 2008

Spoiled For Life

For his contribution to the annual Christmas Day feast at Cherrie's place, Stacey said he was bringing Polish sausages. But these were to be
no ordinary sausages. Stacey proclaimed that just one bite,
and I'd be "spoiled for life".
So on Christmas Eve we took our little journey down to the south side, and Stacey turned me onto The C&R Market, a little neighborhood butcher shop he'd stumbled upon this past Summer.

I was instantly charmed. It's a real-deal old school butcher shop, nestled amongst the houses.
At C&R, I met Lisa Yanke who explained to me that she's a 3rd generation butcher, that the shop has always been owned by her family, and they will be celebrating it's 73rd anniversary in 2009.
The whole experience got me thinking...

Remember the days when neighborhoods were filled with little markets, butchers, bakers, hardware and drug stores?
Dry cleaners, tax accountants, and barbers?

Before Walmarts, Targets, and chain supermarkets fleshed out suburban shopping centers?
If you do, it's likely that your children wont.
QUICK! Name the location of your nearest butcher.
Do you even have one near you?
Truth be told, I don't know where mine is either.

In our busy lives, we think that it simply makes sense to get our "one stop shopping on".

Or does it?

By making the time to patronize local businesses you not only stimulate your local community's economy, but your helping to nurture the overall financial health of our country as well. Small business owners are still the financial backbone of the US economy, but they're dropping like flies.

And it's not just because of our current financial crisis either.
People simply don't patronize them as often.

It's that busy schedule thing again. I too could be shopping local, more often!
After all. I'm a former shopkeeper myself...shame on me!

And just think of the slightly more delicious angle.
Fresh baked bread from the bakery, or chemically processed crap from the grocery store?
Homemade sausages made by your local butcher, or all the junk in commercial ones.
For crying out loud. I was reading a label on a can of kidney beans the other day and they had CORN SYRUP!
You and your families will eat better quality foods, and small businesses will stay in business.
Hooray! A win/win for everyone!!

Oh and by the way. The sausages were the most amazingly delicious I've EVER tasted.
Spoiled for life indeed!

If you live in the Milwaukee area, be sure to check outC&R Market 3001 South 9th Place ( @Manitoba ) 414.747.9158

Tell Lisa the blog guy sent you!

December 3, 2008

A New Direction...

A singular posting in a years time?

My fellow bees and I had a slew of grand ideas for this blog a year ago.
So what happened you ask? Allot...
But now the time finally seems right, and there finally seems to be time.
And as I have shifted direction, I feel the blog will too...
Many goodies on the way, look for the official 'launch' by years end!

Peace, Michael

Buzz Out!

Buzz Out!