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bee my guest?
Howdy Beezers! I'm excited to share something new with you... Over the upcoming months, most of the content you'll be seeing here will be from special guest contibutors! This is sure to add a new texture to this thing we've been weaving over the years. I know that many of my readers (yes, you!) are writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers. PLEASE feel free to contact me if there's something you'd like to contribute! I'd be most honored to pollinate... send me a note: m.mckinley@rocketmail.com

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August 31, 2010


Who's your best friend?

August 30, 2010


The subject matter of 9 TO 40  was to be about something completely different. I had intended to write about how my increasing inability to remain focused was effecting every area of my life, mostly because I've spread myself so thin. Truthfully, this is something that I have always done. Just ask anyone who knows me. I've been over-extended since 1987. It was allot easier to juggle 3 jobs, a dozen projects, and a boyfriend when I was 25- because I was 15 years younger! I even had time for a social life... why it was a kind of stamina to behold! Contemplating how to frame the piece out, I had an epiphany.

It is reasonable to say that part of the maturation process is to understand what our limitations are. I don't mean limitations in the sense of personal possibility, I mean that you realistically can't be in 3 places at once. When we pile more on our plate than we can handle, someone is bound to be disappointed in us...and it's more often than not ourselves.

Crap. I've already lost my focus, back to the epiphany.

The premise of 16 TO 40 has been take on 16 things about myself / mylife [over the 16 months leading up to my 40th birthday], that I want to change or improve on. However the more of them I write / film, the more they're starting to sound  like "Quick, You're Almost 40, Grow Up!". Kinda like Guerrilla Maturation for Weekend Warriors. Though it might be easy to insert certain milestones and accomplishments into the timeline of an American life, it would seem that I've missed the mark on allot of them.

Does this make me a perennial loser? The lovable, but hapless ne'er-do-well? Or am I just doing my own thing on my own time, in my own way? I will add that as a creative person, I've never been more stimulated, inspired, or productive, but will also admit that I've had to let some of the conventional wisdom I possessed in my youth  melt away in order to get here. And while here can be challenging, its also very, very soul-rewarding. Like I'm finally on my way to the place I'm supposed to be going...

So maybe 9 TO 40 is about finding the balance between getting on with the process of  maturing, and allowing myself to evolve at my own pace. I'm sorry. What was I talking about?

August 29, 2010


Yes it's true. Anyone can write a blog... but why do it?

I never intended to revolutionize the way people decorate, and I haven't. It wasn't part of the plan to persuade those cruising through cyberspace of my savvy wordsmithing skills, and I didn't. So then what's the point? When I think of this revolutionary new capacity to self-publish, I'm most likely to contemplate it's effect on the human experience. Any person with access to a computer and a phone connection, has the ability to share  their thoughts with everyone, anywhere, for the world to see! 

Making my notions or opinions public record, would of course insinuate that I believe they matter. That my ideas, dreams, and thoughts are worth sharing and have validity. I know one might be tempted to think that there has to be alot of ego attached to the intentions of someone who's willing to share on such a global scale, and certainly there can be. The Internet is littered with seeds of arrogance, ignorance, opinions,  and false information knowingly passed on as the truth.

Just like any other powertool, the Internet (when used properly) can be an indispensable thing to have on hand. When we all come together and share the human sides of our experiences, that pool of energy and information becomes transformative. The content needn't be Pulitzer Prize winning, only in someway nutritious.With snacks. Lots of snacks. If you've been coming round these parts for awhile, you know that I like to snack on many things- and I try to keep it healthy!

When I launched The Killer Bees Project 19 months ago, I very intently put together a group of individuals who have cupboards well-stocked with delicious treats,  and insisted that they join me here on this platform.  I instinctively knew that they would serve them up in a way that would be appetizing to others. We unanimously decided that even if in the end they didn't get read, it would be an amazing exercise in sharing, and ultimately a chance for personal growth- for all of us. It is my sincerest hope that the work all 4 of us are doing is indeed a contribution worth pollinating.

A friend recently told me that he was unsure about telling me that he had started his own blog. After I got over my initial shock I asked him why. He said "Because blogging is your thing." Huh? Seriously?

I assured him that I didn't feel threatened, and that I would be looking forward to him sharing his experience.

As well, I would like to encourage you to pollinate your own experience, and add to the collective honeypot. Rest assured your contribution can make this whole smorgasbord more delicious. And easier to digest.
Michael Patrick


All over the country, people like Milwaukee's own Will Allen are making a difference! 

August 28, 2010




I am so proud to announce that The Killer Bees very own Cassandra McShepard has just signed on to co-host the new FOX6 morning television talkfest, REAL MILWAUKEE! The show premeires on September 7th, and will broadcast live between 9 and 10am, Monday-Friday. Here's an excerpt from the FOX6 Press Release...


Two new faces will be joining “Real Milwaukee” when the program debuts on Fox 6 the Tuesday after Labor Day. Former WMCS-AM talk show host Cassandra McShepard will join Katrina Cravy, Rob Haswell and Nicole Koglin as a co-host for the show. Former WXSS DJ Tony ‘Zamboni’ Clark will be seen live on location as the ‘rover’ for the new program.

"I'm so looking forward to spending my mornings chatting it up with Katrina, Nicole, and Rob... just in the nick of time too. I was getting real tired of being at home talking to myself!" McShepard said.

“I’ve only known Cassandra a short time, but she’s amazing!” raved Fox 6 VP/News Jim Lemon. “When ‘Real Milwaukee’ debuts, Kat, Rob and Nicole will have a ball with her,” he added.

In addition to her radio talk show career, Cassandra is known for many talents, including fashion design and motivational speaking. She is a Milwaukee native.

“She brings a fresh energy and a unique perspective to our show, and her shoe collection is fierce!” said Fox 6 Special Projects Director Anne Brown who has been working to get the show ready for air. “It’s like herding cats,” Brown said, referring to the personalities of the on-camera and behind-the-scenes staff.

Real Milwaukee” is a brand-new local program produced by Fox 6 to give local viewers a chance to get involved in the community and learn more about what makes the Milwaukee area great. The show will deal with topical issues, fun segments and actively encourage viewers to join in the conversation via email, Facebook, Skype, carrier pigeon and smoke signals.

August 27, 2010


Name: Lily
Age: 4
Location: Sherman Oaks, California
Color Inspiration: "We started by having our designer choose three fabric options, then let Lily choose the one she liked. Everything else was based on the colors and style of the floral fabric..."

As many of you know, one of my favorite "lifestyle" blogs is APARTMENT THERAPY.
If you have children, and you haven't checked out the latest offshoot, ohdeedoh, then are you in for a treat!

A feast of great features on cooking, technology, and decor await your consumption in the great tradition of Apartment Therapy, and it's all about kids! They recently featured this stylish bedroom as part of an ongoing series about using color in children's rooms. Lily is clearly a girl after my own heart!

August 11, 2010


New York Strip For 2, Medium Rare

Honestly, if I could really order ROOM SERVICE tonight, I'd have this sexy retailer delivered to Milwaukee! With the only physical locations exisiting in California, thank GOD all these delicious morsels are available online. This is one of the few times I'll look the other way if you don't shop local.....

August 10, 2010


When I was kid, we always watched the evening news while we ate dinner. No wonder I seek comfort in food! [How quickly I digress.] I remember asking my Mother why we always had to watch the news, and she said "Because it's important to know what's going on in the world!".

Flash forward about 3 decades. I was having a conversation with Cherrie, and was completely perplexed by the fact  that she didn't watch television news or read the newspaper. She said that the news was depressing, upsetting, and that it always left her with knots in her stomach. I agreed, but continued to argue my Mother's point, which I had adopted as my own. I mean how could a person  live in this world, and not be aware of all of the important issues going on?! You might as well don blinders and forfeit your rights!

Well that was about 8 years ago, and EXTRA-EXTRA, have I got NEWS for you! 
Read all about it.

In the years that have passed since that conversation, I have completely stopped watching the news, almost never pick up a newspaper, and have banished talk radio from my ears. Well, except for a little NPR.

Cherrie was right. Media's chief job these days is to keep us scared- NOT informed. If we remain frightened, we will stay closely tuned in. I won't get into the propaganda angle on that, but I would like you to ponder the idea that all of the sadness, turmoil, and pain that the world is suffering...is NOT your business! I know, I know, now I'm just talking crazy. But think about it....

We are inundated constantly by bad news. Beaten over the head by heinous stories of ill-will, corruption, and murder. Okay now. What can YOU do about any of that? Did I just hear you say "NOTHING"? My point exactly. 

For example. Violent crimes are being committed accross the US everyday. You hear about them on the news, but what can YOU do about it? How does it benefit you to know that 9 people were gunned down at a KFC in Detroit last week, when you live in Reno? Same could be said about the BP oil spill or the earthquake in Haiti. Is it important that you know your fellow man is suffering in a foreign land? Well of course it is, but we need to prioritize how much emotion we attach to situations that do not directly involve us. Send a donation. If you can't do that then send a prayer. In fact be sure to send a prayer regardless. But unless you're planning to join the Red Cross, YOU need to focus your attention elsewhere. 

I've recently decided to apply this philosophy to politics as well. I do try to keep abreast of issues that are close to me, and then vote my conscious. The reality beyond that is that I have little control. I am not burying my head in the sand, but rather keeping my spirit above water. I will agree that change only occurs in the world if WE change it. So be an activist if that is your heart's calling- but beware the spiritual toll it can take.

If you think of  emotions as spiritual energy, then bad news and negative stories are like naughty children. The more you feed into their bad behavior, the worse that behavior tends to become.

So then what can WE do? Start digesting more positive news and stories! The universe is reflective, so doesn't it make sense that if we focus on all of the good things that are going on the world, we can MULTIPLY that good? I know personally, I could use a little more good news, couldn't you?

August 9, 2010


Having trouble finding news that will curl the corners of your mouth? Well happynews.com makes it their business to report on all that is making a difference, all that is making smiles.

Here's a sample story...

Bakery Raises Spirits of Beijing Mental Patients

JULY 23, 2010  Adrienne Mong, MSNBC
After starting an organic farm project at the Beijing Chaoyang District Mental Health Service Center, a privately-run mental institution, Natascha Prigge and Yvonne Gerig came up with the idea of a bakery. "We were thinking of something that we can teach to the patients, and we were looking for [an] occupation that they can do all year long," said Prigge, who studied business when she was in college. "And baking is something that is easy to learn, easy to handle, and when we started five years ago there were not so many bakeries around."



This morning, in reaction to a piece I posted just yesterday, a Mr. Jasper Blake [the newest member of our Facebook Hive] posted the following on our page:  "I think you will be interested in the story of Cara Jones, an award winner TV journalist who, while on a routine traffic fatality story, unwittingly confirmed the death of a mother to her teenage daughter on camera. It caused her to give up her TV news career and start Storytellers For Good ."

We too are dedicated to promoting positive news. We are on Facebook as well if you'd like to check us out - just search on "Storytellers For Good". Cheers!

So naturally I buzzed right over there, and BOOYAH! A bounty of good news. I am constantly amazed at the ways in which my own project here is reaching other people, and how the "power of pollination" can effect us ALL for the better. If you read my piece "A Little Good News" below, you can easily see that this sort of reaction/manifestation is EXACTLY what I'm talking about!!! Does Cara Jones need to Bee My Guest? Oh yeah, she's a Killer Bee for sure. And Jasper, keep on pollinating!

A sample of what you can expect from Cara's Storytellers...

A Good Idea San Francisco from Bow Jones on Vimeo.

August 8, 2010


Pop music is alive and well, and making my ears very happy....

August 7, 2010


We are surrounded by signage. Signs that tell us where to start, where to stop. Where to drive, park, eat, sleep, and shop. I'm always watching for the signs, but I don't mean the ones that are affixed to posts. I'm talking about the ones that aren't always obvious, but help us navigate the paths that are our lives. Spiritual jargon you say? I'd say you're missing the signs...but hey, we all have different paths!
Mine has signs on it.

I will readily admit that at times I over-analyze the meaning of things or events, looking for the next step or lesson to be learned. For example. Being subjected to the guy who passed wind on the bus yesterday was probably not a sign that there's change coming. And I have more than once been convinced that a queer coincidence could be the plot of something larger than me by a conspiring universe. However, I do believe that many of the directives we're looking for or anticipating, are being revealed to us all of the time; if only we would pay attention with more than our eyes and ears. Imagine that all the information we could ever possibly need is intuitive!

This kind of consciousness  requires a couple of things. First of all your receptors have to be open and free of debris. Second, you need to patient. It's human nature to want to know the outcome of EVERYTHING. Since we rarely do, it won't do you much good to ruminate. The answers we crave are often revealed over time, and may not always be the ones we were expecting. Are you willing to "hear" an answer different than the one you want to hear? Would you be willing to take a left turn off the path you've been on, even if you're unsure where it will lead you? Think about it.

Bridge over troubled water? I've been there and know how you feel, but I gotta tell you, I have allot more peace these days, knowing that just as WE are always communicating, so is the universe. We need only pay attention...  

Buzz Out!

Buzz Out!