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May 15, 2010


I don't do politics on my blog. I'm not really doing politics at all these days. Here's why...

The easiest way to start a feud with anyone, is to mention  politics or religion. That's why mama said it wasn't smart to bring them up in polite conversation. However something creepy is going on,  because I can't help but feel that for many, politics has become a religion.

I don't care whether you lean left or right, you have to admit that we haven't been this divided since the civil war. The figure heads and pundits on both sides of this division are intent on smearing ANYBODY'S name or reputation in order to look good, and be poised to claim their rightful position as the people who were RIGHT. They freely disburse propaganda based on untruths that are then force-fed to their followers as the absolute truth, through all forms of media, 24/7.

The bottom line with all of this behavior, is that its ego-based. If your ego rules your consciousness, then YOU always have to be the one who is right. The ego seeks to elevate you to position of  superiority by making you better and smarter than everyone else. Those who don't agree with your position must be squelched or diminished, or barbecued. At any cost.

This new subculture of political fanaticism has polarized families, friends, a nation really, and hurled us back in time 200 years. I won't mention how its spiritually crippling us as a people. I for one am not interested in a religion that would do this to its people. When we eat a steady of diet of any one particular food, it messes with our bodies, because our nutrition is not balanced. When we lend our ears, hearts, and souls to a steady diet of  any ONE political agenda, we're bound to end up constipated.

Don't get me wrong. I still believe that fair is fair. If and when I feel the need to raise my voice to protest an injustice, I will. But I will do so with my conscience, and not my ego. For I have learned that little in life is black and white. So in the meantime, I will speak quietly with my voting record, and let you make all the racket you want. In other words, I'm not interested in debating Anne Coulter or Nancy Pelosi with you, I'd rather discuss how we can make positive change. Don't think we can do it? Then you're still drinking the Kool-Aid. Don't matter which flavor, if you're drinking it all the time.

Until we stop insisting that the collective "we've" has all the right answers, everyone is just going to keep getting it wrong. It's time to evolve, and remember that there's an evolution in revolution.

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