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...and LIFE is only as yummy as you make it!

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bee my guest?
Howdy Beezers! I'm excited to share something new with you... Over the upcoming months, most of the content you'll be seeing here will be from special guest contibutors! This is sure to add a new texture to this thing we've been weaving over the years. I know that many of my readers (yes, you!) are writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers. PLEASE feel free to contact me if there's something you'd like to contribute! I'd be most honored to pollinate... send me a note: m.mckinley@rocketmail.com

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November 4, 2011

Intoducing: "Quote, Unquote"

Yes, I'm one of those people. I'm always concerned that I'm not crafty (read, educated) enough in the English language to properly communicate my emotional thoughts when writing. Therefore, I'm forever italicizing words, or throwing "quotation marks" around things that don't need them. Further emphasizing my poor skills, no doubt. Hey,  proper intonation is important! And too many commas, way too many.

Don't get me started on the sound bites of  Facebook and Twitter, or the decline of real communication. Oh, there I go again. Anywhoo, something I do love is a good quote! One that inspires or causes me to ponder. It seems I've been stumbling upon some great ones lately, mostly through my spiritually "like minded" friends on Facebook, and I've decided to start sharing them with you, here. The first is from C.S. Lewis. It turns out that not only did he write some great books, he said some pretty amazing things. "Enjoy".

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