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January 8, 2012

Bright and Shiny

When the big shiny ball drops in Times Square every New Year's Eve, millions upon millions of people  make resolutions for the year ahead. I'm definitely a resolution maker. And yes, I'm one of those people who finds it easier to start a diet on Monday, or quit smoking the first of the year, and so on. This sort of  system for success appeals to the procrastinator in me.

The last couple of years I've actually been successful with my New Years resolutions. This past Monday marked 2 years without a cigarette, and in 2011 I lost a total of 39 lbs. More than half of which I gained after I quit smoking. So what about this year? No need to break my stride!

I'm an Interior Designer. An artist. A gay man for crying out loud.
I love bright and shiny things. Be it a crystal chandelier, a glittery Christmas ornament, a happy soul, or the occasional handsome fella. We've already determined that I'm a procrastinator. Now add chaser of bright and shiny objects to the mix. Why its amazing that I can get anything done! Easily Distracted may just be my middle name. Although I prefer Patrick.

I truly believe that in 2012 my endeavors with Cassandra will not only continue to flourish, but that they're going to explode. Not just because we've worked so hard, but because the timing feels so right. Almost divinely so. 

So the other day we were in her car on our way to our weekly breakfast meeting at the IHOP (What, this surprises you?), and the subject of New Years resolutions came up. I told her that this year I wanted to exercise some discipline. Perhaps acquire some wisdom even, on the subject of bright and shiny objects. You see I'd been pondering, and it occurred to me that some of them are worth the distraction and the chase...and some are just illusions. Or delusions. And it would seem to me that given my age ( I am 40 now, after all ) and with all that I've been trusted to do for and with her- I'd better figure out the difference.

She turned and looked at me with knowing in her eyes, and said "Might I suggest that you've become the bright and shiny object? And that everything your heart desires, everything that's bright and shiny is coming your way? You don't need to be chasing a thing." Being the sentimental sap that I am, my eyes instantly welled up. And then I acknowledged her assertation as TRUTH. Why wouldn't I? Besides, she just made my New Year's resolution a whole lot less work!

I love my girl, I do.
And a diet is always best started on a Monday...
This may just be the brightest, shiniest year ever.

1 comment:

Will said...

Here's to NY resolutions! I'd drink to that if only I hadn't resolved to stop drinking.

Everything is within our power - somewhere. May need a bit of a scrabble at yhe bottom of the clutch, but it's there.

Buzz Out!

Buzz Out!