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May 8, 2012

The Numbers Are In!

Now that I'm back, everyone (probably even you) wants to know with whom my loyalties lay. I've been thinking about it. My conclusions aren't exactly like Sophie's Choice, but  here's the skinny...

ARCHITECTURE: Paris. I was blown away by the stately, historically impressive architecture of London for an entire week before arriving in Paris.  I couldn't believe how distinctly different they were, and I must admit that I was smitten with every over-the-top, filigreed and festooned inch of Paris. Ooh la la indeed!

STYLE & DESIGN: London. I've never seen so many stylish people in my life. I was hard pressed to see a dirty shoe or coat that wasn't cut at exactly the length of the moment. And my Lord, the Interior Design boutiques! Paris was good for refurbished antiques, but London had everything else. I went to Designer's Guild kids. Yes, the Designer's Guild...

NOSHES: The vote gets split here. Fanfuckingtabulous  in both places, and I refuse to pick favorites. Forget everything you've heard about the banality of English food, I beg to differ. My hopes however, aren't nearly as high for Ireland...

WEATHER: London. Okay, so it rained all but 2.5 days of the entire trip. And London probably has an unfair advantage because  I was there several more days than Paris...but at least we had sunshine for William's birthday party in the garden...and that day we put on 6 1/2 miles by foot scouting nearly every museum in town! With a trusty brolly, there's nowhere a fella can't go.

COFFEE: Paris. It's the French Roast, baby. Au lait!

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: London. I'm a man who lives by public trans (and the kindness of many) so it was interesting to see how 2 of the most complex and comprehensive systems in the world would measure up. London's, once you get a handle on it, it nothing short of brilliant.
The PEOPLE: Oh, London! And by a long mile. It wasn't just a barrier of language, its that Parisians truly seem to be missing  their "joie de vie". I honestly never saw such a miserable looking lot in my life. The only people I saw in Paris who seemed to possess any trace of joy were the tourists, and perhaps that's the problem. I can't imagine living in the most visited city in the world, nor would I care to.

In sharp contrast, I'll never forget how perfectly delightful and kind the Londoners were. Or the pleasure I had in making some wonderful new acquaintances and friends. William, Robbyn, Alex, Steve, Sian, Hannah, Ralph, Joe, Jo, Manuel and Clive. Especially Clive.

I couldn't have known, but you don't visit London for its extraordinary museums and culture, certainly not the weather, or even its luminous history. You visit it my gentle bleaders, for the people.


Aysh said...

Two brilliant places to go! I went to Paris when I was six so don't remember much, but as a Brit, naturally I'm gunna think Londons better :D I love going there whenever I can! Sounds like you had a good time.

Michael Patrick McKinley said...

Aysh, I had A BRILLIANT time.

Hope all is well with you in your neck of the woods- cheers!

Buzz Out!

Buzz Out!