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April 29, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I received some news that left me in a major funk. Was it life threatening? No. Was it devastating? Hardly. But it was a disappointment that left my ego a little bruised, and my heart feeling more than a little achy.

SO. I was feeling good and sorry for myself the other day, when I remembered a conversation I had recently with a new friend. He told me that he kept a "gratitude journal", which I thought was super cool because I'd never met anyone[besides myself] who kept one. It's a concept that I read about in one of my favorite *books a few years ago. I have found that a gratitude journal is a wonderful tool [when used often] to keep score of my multitude of blessings, and occasionally"check my reality" when need be. Reflecting back on that conversation, I tried to remember the last time I'd written in my journal...and I couldn't.

Hell, I wasn't even sure where it was.
I guess it was time to check my reality.

So here's how it works: When you take the time to focus on and write down the things that you're grateful for, your blessings out-weigh your burdens. No, it's not a psychology ploy designed to trick you into feeling better about your life. It's a shift of perceptive energy, which in turn becomes reflective energy. In other words, when you focus on gratitude, your blessings multiply exponentially. Trust me, it works. In the morning or before bed, it doesn't matter.
Write daily, weekly, or whenever you feel like it. Keep in mind that it's just as important [if not more so] to remember your gratitude when things are ducky as when they're sucky! Start with a list of 25 things. Sounds like allot? It won't be. In fact I guarantee you that once you get started, you'll be able to think of more than 25...

Here were mine for today:

I woke up rested, in my comfy bed
I had half & half in my coffee
I have safe drinking water on my tap
My cat loves me
My legs and arms work
I can work
I have food in my pantry
The bus came quickly today, when I needed it to
The little girl on the bus who made me smile REALLY big
I got to talk to my sister on the phone
I've quit smoking, and am feeling and looking better
I breathe
I see
I hear
I love
Barbra Streisand's 2006 Concert is finally on DVD
My family is healthy
I'm going to be a great uncle again
Going bald isn't so bad when you look good in hats
My home
I ate bacon twice today
I'm wearing my favorite, comfy pajamas
It's Spring
I felt sun on my face today
My allergies aren't bad
My crazy friends who love me even though I'm not perfect
This blog adventure

Will keeping a gratitude journal make you feel like sunshine a roses all day? No. Will it make your problems, sorrows, and stresses disappear? Hardly. It will however give you a better perspective, and a much sweeter vantage point. And for that, I am grateful as well.

* "Gratitude: A Way of Life" By Louise Hay and Friends

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Timothy George Hare said...

Thank you! I find that I cannot feel grateful and resentful at the same time, so I always choose gratitude!

Buzz Out!

Buzz Out!