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bee my guest?
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July 26, 2010


They say if something really irritates you about someone else, you should check yourself.

One of my favorite sayings is that I like fancy things, but I'm not a fancy person. I'm a gay Interior Designer. Its my job to like fancy things. Yet I'll be the first person in line to pass judgement on people who are obsessed with the surface of things, especially physical beauty. Oooh, check!

However for many, it's where all of their faith lies. In appearances and facades. In who's wearing what labels and driving which kind of car. Truth be told, I've never been a label whore. Nor have I ever cared much about cars.My parents were clear that a man's worth should be judged by the contents of his character, not his bank account- and I believed them.

But if I'm not stereotypical in that regard, then why does it irk me so when I see this trait in others? I think I figured it out today. I'm envious. Even though I could honestly care less about "things", I'm envious that I've never had the luxury of buying the clothes or cars of my choice- but what I can afford. Envious of others beauty- not because they possessed something I didn't, but because my ego always wished that I could be regarded for my attractiveness. Eeew. Note that I'm purposefully using the term envious, and not jealous. Envy, jealousy, take your pick- it's all ugly.

So 10 to 40 is about realizing that the surface of things are usually an illusion. How can something that isn't real keep me from contentment? Better yet, what kind of power do I give that illusion when I allow it to color my judgement of other people or situations, or let it put distance between us? Hmm. Perhaps its time to scratch it.


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