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bee my guest?
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July 22, 2010


In the past calendar year, no fewer than 7 of my friends have said goodbye to a parent. Stacey almost lost his Mother (again), and my friend Jeffrey lost his sister Susan in a tragic car accident.

I suppose it is a function of getting on, that we and our friends begin this inevitable process. I, in-fact have  had say goodbye to both of my parents. But 6 in one year? Seriously? Since I can't make heads or tails of it, I thought maybe I would try and learn something from it. There's no need to probe deeply, for the lesson is obvious.

It's easy to say "Don't take life for granted.", because it's so easy to do so. By virtue of being born, we ARE. In contrast, taking other people's lives for granted should be less easy. The people you hold dear may be here today, and gone tomorrow. That isn't dramatic, its simply a reality for us all.You simply never know what tomorrow brings. Just because you woke up this morning, doesn't mean that everyone you love will.

Parents, siblings, friends and extended family- even coworkers! In this life we have so many opportunities to love. It shows a serious lack of gratitude to not express it, when you feel it. Let the people you cherish know that you do. Like I said, it's not deep. Just blatant common sense.

Science has been unable (as with most things mystical) to determine a reality in reincarnation. This being said, you may only be able to know the people you love in this life, in this life. Let them know how you feel.. Have you experienced an estrangement with someone- related or not ? How big is the THING you've been tripping on? What if that person died tomorrow? Would you be cool? Think about it...

And please. If you are still in the fortunate position  to be able to do so, call your folks. Because I said so!

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