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October 18, 2010


Extra super fast, and on the double if you don't mind. I'm kinda in a hurry.

A girlfriend of mine was telling me the other day about a conversation she had recently with her soon-to-be-wed daughter.She was trying to convey to her that in all honesty, marriage is ALOT of work. On this particular day, said daughter was feeling far too wide-eyed to listen to what mother had to say. At any rate I'm sure it will all make alot more sense to her about 18 months after they say I DO. If you want to beat the divorce odds, you have to be kind, respectful, remember to listen, and most of all be patient. Patience is one of the most important tools you can posses in life. I sure hope its on the bridal registry.

Google, texting and tweeting. Instant messenger and I phones with apps. Any information you need to obtain, anything you need or want to do, can be done almost instantly these days. Yes I am partaking in the convenience of it all, least you be confused. Previously I've gone on tangents about our cultures obsession with communication and how I don't know that we're necessarily doing a better job of it, just because we're doing more of it. So I'll try not to confuse the categories of concern!

No, this time I'm talking about the fact that we've put so much emphasis on the instant. For instance. If my computer isn't working at capacity speed, I am INSTANTLY irritated. Remember 15 years ago when the Internet and our computers were so slow, it took minutes just to download a website? Of course this is just one example of how we have set ourselves up to devour and digest at lightening speed.What I fear is happening is that an entire generation is growing up without ever having to wait for anything. Therefore never learning the art of patience, nor the ability to pass it on. Think about it.

When people aren't patient, they lack empathy and tolerance. What will happen if we raise an entire generation of people who are lacking such essential, and necessary traits for coexistence?
Well, it won't just be potential marriages headed for trouble, that's for sure.

We used to believe that over indulging children made them spoiled. I'd like to add that in this day of truly remarkable technological advancements, today's parents would be wise to incorporate important patience-building lessons into their child rearing repertoires. And no, there's no app for that.  

Faster is not always better, and everything you want isn't necessarily everything you need.

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