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bee my guest?
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February 18, 2012

Cherrie Hanson is: BUBBLELICIOUS!

When Killer Bee Cherrie Hanson speaks of the magic behind her amazing bubble photography, it goes something like this...

"The alchemy of air, water, and soap bubbles form an endless variety of reflective, luminous globes.  Mother Nature's daily diversity varies the unique background tones and graphic surface of the delicate bubble membrane. 

Bubbles have a short life span; mere moments to dazzle those who are paying attention. Their circular shapes symbolize wholeness, unity, and infinity. I was compelled to record the existence of these simple, yet profound spheres of light.

Bubbles,Ink is a photographic anthology of soap bubbles in flight over a summer lake.  The images were born in nature, not photoshop, and given life in ink. 

The bubbles were studied and shot for one week, for 5 consecutive years, in the same location.  The names of the photographs pay homage to the spiritual journey the artist was on at the time of conception."

Personally, I think of the peace and tranquility of the lake where they were photographed. Of the bond that was formed on a pier in the middle of Wisconsin. Of the atrophy in my wrists as I tried like hell to produce as many bubbles as possible before she lost the precious end of day light! Of squealing with delight as we reviewed "the dailys" in the viewfinder of her camera each night by the light of the bonfire. Of the honor and privilege to be just a small part of something so incredibly special.

And mostly, I think of how proud I am of my friend and her brilliant artistic endeavor. YOU GO BABY!


The amazing thing about these photographs isn't their exceptional beauty, but how people react and relate to them when in their physical presence. Everyone I know who's seen them 'has a bubble' all their own that they identify with...will you find yours at Bubbles, Ink. ? I have no doubt you will.

Visit the bubble goodness NOW!

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