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February 18, 2012

Coming Up Short

Motion pictures are made for two reasons. Artistic vision and box office reciepts.
Being an artist myself, I'm partial to the films made by artisans. The ones that are crafted with more care given to the art of storytelling than dollars spent on CGI. But that's just me. And I like to be entertained, just like everyone else.

When Cherrie called the other night and asked if I was up for seeing the Oscar Nominated Short Film Festival at the Times Cinema this week, I was thrilled because a.) I get to the movies so seldom, and b.) I'd get to see all 5 nominated films in one night! And what a delight it was.

The short film is an exceptionally intriguing art form. You've got to get in and get out -  tell a story, and hopefully do it beautifully in less than 30 minutes. I have the deepest artistic admiration for anyone who can do that. My favorite of this year's 5 nominated films is called "The Shore", and it hails from Ireland. Perhaps its my heritage, but I've got the perpetual soft spot for an Irish yarn. The craft of movie making has always been of fascination to me, and I was so impressed by filmmaker Terry George's intimate story telling paired with the simple yet grand beauty of Ireland. It was sweet and gorgeous. And now I wanna go. More than ever...

Who will take home the Oscar next Sunday? Your guess is as good as mine. Here are the other 4 nominees (and their trailers) for 2012 Best Short Film, Live Action. If you have the chance I highly recommended you see/rent them all, for they were each outstanding in their briefly brilliant way!

RAJU (Germany 23 minutes)
TIME FREAK (USA 11 minutes)
TUBA ATLANTIC (Norway, 23 minutes)
PENTECOST (Ireland, 11 minutes)

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