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March 24, 2012

My Media Maven

I remember the night Cassandra came next door for dinner and she told me her radio show was ending. She looked at me silently with a peaceful expression of "knowing" that it was time, even if it was tinged with "So now what?" I told her that this would simply be the catalyst to a new era for her. "Sweetheart, you belong on television anyway." Another silent, knowing stare..so now what?

Several weeks after that conversation we started filming This Is What I Know So Far and what I knew instinctively was confirmed for the world to see. Not only was she a natural for television, but that the camera would love her. A few months later (and with some crazy leap of faith) she asked me to manage her. I said yes knowing only that I couldn't say no. It had never occurred to me to "manage" someone before! I had been put in position. So now what?

It was August 2010 when the call came from FOX that they were developing a new morning talk show, and that they wanted to talk to Cassandra about being a part of it. We thought it had the potential to be a hit. What it became was a local phenomenon. At the desk, the chemistry between Katrina, Nicole, Rob, and Cassandra (and with Tony Clark on the road) was instant and infectious. The show is incredibly popular, and a consistent  ratings champ. In the last year and a half Cassandra has had a slew of lovely press, not to mention her Shepherd Express nominations last Fall for Female Vocalist of The Year and Jazz Artist of The Year.

Can you tell I'm just a little proud? (Insert smiley face here.)

On Friday afternoon Cassandra was honored by the USPS for "Putting Her Stamp on Metro Milwaukee" in recognition of her Outstanding Achievement in Media. In all there were 14 women honored for their achievements in various fields, and the lovely presentation was well attended. The chicken wasn't bad either.

Here's a short news clip from Friday night-

With Real Milwaukee Co-Hosts Katrina Cravy and Tony Clark, and Producer Sara Smith

They have allot of fun on REAL MILWAUKEE it's true, but the following clip from last week illustrates the kind of intelligent and thoughtful conversations that Cassandra and her equally articulate co-hosts are having on the show as well...and clearly shows why she's so deserving of her award. You GO baby!

Finally and last but not least, we relaunched Cassandra's website this week. With a sophisticated new look created by the multi-talented Cindy Malin-Peterson and au courant photography by the uber-gifted Douglas Krimmer (Who's the man behind The Bees original photo shoot), the new look rolled out on Thursday. Be sure to stop by and CHECK IT OUT!

Its more than amazing, what has manifested since that night she came across the hall for dinner. So now what?

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