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bee my guest?
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March 20, 2012

Winter Light

Something starts to stir in my soul around the middle of October when the days grow noticeably dimmer. I always say that Fall is my favorite season, but honestly Winter runs a close second. In the 21 Midwestern Winters I've now seen through, this California boy has embraced what many choose to flee. Some people find the short days depressing and they feel anxious. Not me. I look forward to Daylight Savings Time, to the long dark nights of December and January that wrap me in the comfort of their cocoon. But it's the light, the Winter light, especially in its last hour- that is truly something to behold...

For the last couple of weeks I've been completely preoccupied with preparing my house for a photo shoot which will be featured in the newspaper. As I was upstairs in my bedroom painting radiators and ceilings, I noticed the delicious Winter light filtering through the window, casting long and gorgeous shadows. Realizing the Season for it would soon be coming to an end and wanting to savor the moment, I grabbed my camera and turned off the flash...

The luster of Winter light creates a sense of mystery that I love. Beware its piercing shimmer can blind you...

The crocus in my yard screamed hello as I sprinted past them on my way out the door this morning. It was good to see them. I didn't even need the denim jacket I wore, as it was warm and buttery for my 9 block walking-commute to the shop. I suppose in the same way that Winter inspires me to go inward, the advent of Spring reminds me that renewal is constant...and that's very much a comfort. It may come in as third choice on my menu, but I think that's only because in southeastern Wisconsin it's all too fleeting. That simply means I'll have to savor it too. So on that note and on this first day of Spring 2012, Jackson and I would like to wish you all a glorious start to a new season. Anew.

By the way, I'd like to thank the fabulous Teamgloria (and all that gorgeous, histophabulous photography) for inspiring this post, which is rather different fare 'round these parts. I just might do more like this...


William Godwin said...

Gorgeous light. x

teamgloria said...


quelle Beauty!

am Most Flattered by the reference-of-inspiration - you are very kind (and we all need a great deal of kindness)

smiling from inside a skyscraper in manhattan.

love from teamgloria xx

Buzz Out!

Buzz Out!