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August 3, 2012

Mr. Nice Guy's Diet Plan

Ever heard the term "You are what you eat."? I'm about to put a whole different spin on it...Ponder this, will you? A steady diet of anything negative will give your soul indigestion. Burp.

We all know that eating junk or overly processed foods is bad for us, right? But what's your daily media intake? Do you watch much news? Reality TV? Obsessed with social media? Do you find yourself increasingly judgmental of others, or less agreeable with people who don't think like you, or have the same convictions and opinions? Well listen up FREE THINKER! I'm going to propose that there's a direct dietary link between the unrest and unease you may be experiencing , and the way you're doing your time.

Media can be a tasty but caloric nightmare of negativity, and is best consumed in moderation. Not unlike a trip to the grocery store, you've got to read the labels first before consuming. Television is the worst. They took perfectly wholesome ingredients and replaced them with toxic fillers! On Facebook the other day, someone said "We need more Mayberry, less Jersey Shore." I couldn't agree more. I understand that as a gay man it's some sort of prerequisite, but I don't watch The Real Housewives Of Anywhere. People treating eachother poorly has no entertainment value for me. Are you feeling fat? On most media menus you'll find a never ending selection of people who've been altered or airbrushed to an inch of their existence, guaranteed to make you feel unattractive. But wait! If you order within the next 15 minutes you'll receive that special dumaflatchey guaranteed to slim you down to that size you've been told to dream of-  in just 10 days at no extra charge! Delivery is extra.

Don't get me started on talk radio either. Most of that programming is a pessimistic potluck as well. Ouch. That wasn't very nice of me, now was it? Where are my manners? The truth? If I start listening and watching, I buy into all of it too- even though I know better! So I simply turn it off. Perhaps a media diet is just what we all need.

When I do have a little free time I turn on PBS or the OWN for some positive programming, or one of the movie channels for a good flick (commercial free, of course). On weekday mornings I always try to watch Cassandra on Real Milwaukee because I genuinely enjoy the show and  I get to beam with pride because my girl is on the tube y'all! But I kid you not the minute the show wraps, the TV goes off. By the time that one hour is finished, I've been inundated with a hundred mud slinging political ads. From both camps.We haven't even gone into the full swing of the upcoming Presidential race yet! Who's slanted spin do you want to have for breakfast? I prefer cereal with yogurt, thank you.

I don't  see that this never-ending, overblown blame-game is successfully changing anyone's mind about the issues anyway. The truth is that everyone's ego is so hungry to have the "correct position"  that this contentious climate is only polarizing and dividing us more. There are those who are born with the constitution to become activists and (hopefully) effect change in the world. That's not my calling. This in no way absolves me from my societal responsibility to educate myself on important issues, and look after myself and my loved ones by voting my conscience, but that's where my obligation ends. What's for dinner?

The trouble with me and diets is that I'm a snacker. Unfortunately, my favorite between-meal snack food (I mean time waster)- Facebook, is turning into a real calorie cruncher...

Personally, I use Facebook for what I believe it was intended for; to keep up with folks and loved ones, and vice versa. I post status updates about what's going on in my life, pictures of my excursions, my friends and family, the fabulous things I cook for dinner parties, design projects, a little Bee and business networking, etc. I do share the occasional music video, or thought provoking bit of whatever- but I keep it positive. If I wanted to be barraged with a never ending stream of political advertisements and sentiments, I'd turn on my television! Oy. This whole Chick-fil-A thing has truly pushed it over the edge for me. From both sides of the issue, mind you...and I'm sure I don't have to explain to you which side my bun is buttered on either. It's to the point that I'm either going to have to "hide" half of my friends (on BOTH teams) or simply give it up all together. Which I'm not quite ready to do because I neeeed my nookie! So be warned: Effective immediately my Facebook feed is a strict no politics zone. It ain't personal, you're just jamming up my chi.

Since I need no convincing that the law of attraction brings more to you of what you fix your thoughts and spend your feelings on, I can't afford to be embroiled in the nastiness of the world. I believe we can make a difference in the vibration of THE PLANET by simply focusing our attention (and intentions) on what is positive, rather than what's wrong or not working. In order to do that though, we may have to toughen up and make some serious dietary changes. Your personal trainer?
 Mr. Nice Guy.

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."  - Lao Tzu

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