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June 10, 2013

Moving & Shaking

It would seem that there's allot of transition going on...

In 8 hours I'll be boarding a west-bound plane for Los Angeles. I'll hang out with my niece Saralynn for a couple of days and try like hell to remember what it was like to live there, so many, many moons ago. Oh, and have corned beef and rugelach from Canters on Fairfax! Why I can hardly switch planes at LAX without procuring some Jewish bakery! Then I'll scoot up the coast to see the rest of my family for a brief visit. Watch my brother and his band play a couple of gigs in San Luis Obispo, meet a couple of great-nieces and nephews for the first time, and pig out on Santa Maria Style BBQ, grilled up in my honor by my Grill Master brother, Gordon. I haven't been to the "birthland" in 3 years, and I'm craving lingucia!

But this journey west is about more than reminiscing, rugelach, and bar-b-cue.
On the last day we'll be packing up a 17' Hertz moving tuck, which I'll be driving back to Milwaukee, my sister tailing me in her convertible. Yes, Sister Mary is taking a huge leap of faith, and shaking it up big time by leaving the Central Coast to pursue a new life in the Midwest. This will be the first time I've had a blood relative in my radius in two decades and I swear, I'm really looking forward to it! I'm sure at some point I'll be sharing TMI regarding the sharing of bathrooms and household chores... Until Kerry moves out at the end of Summer, there will be 3 adults, 3 households, 3 cats, and a dog under this one, wee roof. Have mercy.

But wait, there's more. I will have no sooner returned from this 4-Day road trip adventure and unloaded said sister and her possessions into my house, when it will be time to pack up RESIDENCE on North Avenue and move it to its shiny new location at 612 North Broadway, downtown Milwaukee. Well, it doesen't look so shiny yet...but it will!

So you see between moving Mary and moving the shop...and a super exciting / top secret new project with Cassandra (that we will be filming in July), Michael may not have much time for blogging. However before this slice of cyberspace wraps itself up at the end of the year, I still have some wonderful and exciting things planned to share with you yet. You'll just have to be patient, I'm dancing as fast as I can! In the menatime I have to get my suitcase packed. What am I still doing up?!

See you soon. I promise.

P.S. With my fancy-schmancy new phone (birthday present from Cassandra) I'll be attempting a travelouge on Facebook to document my cross-country adventure, so look for real time updates there! Unless of course you aren't my friend on Facebook. Why aren't you my friend on Facebook?

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