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June 13, 2010


Celebrate diversity. What does that really mean?

I don't recall how I stumbled onto the image above. I just know that I really dug it, and saved it to my computer. It feels like "The Tree Of Life" to me. The knit stocking that clings to its branches representing humankind. In ALL of our different colors, how beautiful are we?

June happens to be Gay Pride month. I happen to be gay. But I probably didn't have to tell you that, did I? The slogan often associated with Gay Pride is "Celebrate Diversity" and it's a term that seems to be crossing over and gaining popularity. Is it possible that after millenniums we are finally ready to stop living in fear of our differences, and embrace people who are different than ourselves?

Think about fear for just a moment. What do we tend to fear most? What we don't understand. And of course, what we're told to fear. True, there are many people and cultures in the world that would rather not "celebrate diversity". But in all corners of the world, there's a global awakening, and a new commitment to figure this thing out. What's the alternative? Continue to obliterate each other? Only when we are able to shed our fear, and have love and respect for ALL of our bothers and sisters will we ever truly be able to celebrate diversity.

Like those colorful blocks of closely knit fibers, WE possess the power to climb the tree, climbing higher and higher, covering it's far-reaching limbs to show the universe and beyond just how beautiful we are, when we too, are closely knit.
" God created us different, to know our need for one another."
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Re-posted from June 2009

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