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June 14, 2010

11 TO 40: There's No Place Like Home

I remember very clearly stating, on more than one occasion, that once my Mother passed away, I would never  have to go to that place again.

That place, is Santa Maria, California. It is where I was born and raised, and since she passed away 4 years ago, I have been true to my word. But what's my beef with Santa Maria?

I grew up aching to flee from the place where few understood me. Seriously, I couldn't get out of there fast enough, and I made my first escape to Los Angeles when I was just 16 years old, and would move back twice before finally moving onto the Midwest via a 2 year stint in West Hollywood. That's before there was WeHo. Way before.

The truth is that the unpleasant connotation that Santa Maria conjures is based in pain and hurts that most of which, have mended. So it's time to let go of them, and stop projecting on poor Santa Maria. There's also very little reality in the notion that no one understood me. Not only did "WE" all find each other, but some 25 odd-years later we're all getting together for a reunion. A FAMILY reunion. IN Santa Maria.

Eventually,  most of us flew the coupe, but we're once again converging back in the place where it all started, and are coming in from all over the country I might add.  A reunion of friends of this magnitude I'm thinking, has to be a rare occurrence. Outsiders looking in is what brought most of us together, and in a way we can all blame Santa Maria for that. Or be thankful.

I'm looking forward to seeing people I was so close to over 20 years ago, but have rarely seen or spoken with since. People who found me, when I was finding myself. People who embraced me for the flag-flying freak that I was, or at least thought I was. The ones who loved and encouraged me to move on and do everything I would ever dare to dream. Because that's what families do.

So 11 to 40 is about making peace with home. Between my very important meeting and this reunion , it's definitely going to be an interesting trip! One thing I know for sure; from the moment I arrive I will be surrounded by people who hold very special places in my heart...and they do say that home is where the heart is. If that is indeed the case, then there's no place, like home.

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