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bee my guest?
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July 7, 2009

Have You Never Been Mellow?

Summer is here, and we're all so busy, aren't we? Picnics, bbq's, vacations, festivals, and if you have children that are out of school, well...

I live in the Midwest and when Summer finally arrives, the pressure to maximize every hour of daylight and soak-up every ounce of warmth and sunshine can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes the constant go, go, go, and do, do, do feels a little like Christmas. Only for 3 months instead of 3 weeks. I woke up really early yesterday morning and went for a great walk by myself, through Washington Park. Just before I headed home, I stopped and sat down on a green grassy knoll. The sun warming my face and the slightest breeze whispering across my bare shoulders. It was delightful. I just sat there for about half an hour, clearing my mind of the stresses and worries that awaited me at the official start of my day.

It occurred to me as I brushed the grass off my keester, and admired the little impressions left behind on the back of my legs, that I don't do this enough. Oh, I spend time by myself. But I'm usually DOING something. Because really, isn't there always something to be DOING?

How often do you allow yourself to be still? Quiet your mind? I'm not talking about meditation per say, just the simple act of real relaxation. Alone. Solitude does not equal loneliness, unless you've programmed yourself to believe it. Cherrie told me recently that for her, Wintertime is the time to "go inward". As I left the park though, I thought to myself "Why not Summer?"
Why not all year long...

With all the BUSY and DOING on your plate this Summer, try to remember to make free time for yourself alone. Time to walk through a park. Sit on a bench and enjoy the sun on your face. Go for a little hike. Get lost in a book on your sofa for a few hours. So what if it's nice outside? Its more than likely going to be nice tomorrow. And next week. And next Summer. Remember that those stolen moments when you seem to be doing nothing are necessary. For your health, both mental and physical, spend a little time by yourself and don't feel one ounce guilty about it!
I'll try to do the same.

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