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bee my guest?
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July 28, 2009


Thai Bar-B-Que
3417 West National Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hours of Operation:
Sunday- Thursday 11am-9pm
Friday and Saturday 11am-10pm

I have always loved Thai food, and I'm always game to eat it. The complexity of flavors...the salty, the sweet, and the spicy all conspire to do things to my palette which are very sensual. Not to mention sense-ual! Over the years Milwaukee has been blessed with a plethora of good Thai restaurants. Some of them great. Thai Bar-B-Que, my latest favorite spot, is better than good or great, it's EXCEPTIONAL! Kerry Dean and I went for lunch recently, and this time I had a chance to meet with the owners and snap a few pics for the blog...

Owners George Chai and his charming wife Thanita Sriamdi [you can call her Al] are at the helm of this homey and inexpensive little National Avenue spot. They've owned the Asian International Market next door for 9 years, and have had the doors to the restaurant open since 2006. The culinary mastermind behind their tasty menu is Al. Her grandparents were personal chefs to the King and Queen of Thailand, and she brought their heirloom family recipes with her when she arrived here 15 years ago. From the carefully layered curries to the exotic salads and delicious hot-pot soups, George, Al, and Company bring you an authentic taste of Thailand.

Just so you know, I had every intention of taking some sexy shots of our beautiful food. But I was so ravenous when the feast started to arrive that I forgot all about my camera sitting just inches from the Fresh Rolls... by the time I remembered it was there all that remained were a couple of empty bowls, and a barren soup pot! I guess the proof is in the pudding. Purple Sticky Rice pudding that is... By the way, they have the COOLEST interactive website of any restaurant I know of. Check it out by clicking on the website link below to preview their amazing menu or place a carryout order. Tell them Michael the bee guy sent you!

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