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bee my guest?
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March 8, 2010


Anyone remember this picture from a year ago?

Last February I quit smoking. For the umpteenth time. For awhile I was chronicling my endeavor for you all. Did anyone happen to notice that I never finished the series? Well that's because I didn't stay quit, and I was reticent to disclose my failure. For the umpteenth time.

Well as part of 16 to 40 [and really, a much bigger picture], I'm back at it.
I've done it with few trumpets this time, and once again with the aid of the patch. I'm sitting at 2 months without a weed, and have 4 more weeks left in the program. Truthfully, I've been on phase one (the highest dosage) for 2 months instead of the recommended 2 weeks, but I don't care how long this takes because this time I want to be done with it! Both of my parents had emphysema. My Mother actually spent the last 10 years of her life srtapped to an oxygen tank, still smoking every chance she got. So you see I really have no excuses. In fact, I never did.

So. Quitting the stick is NUMBER TWO on 16 to 40 for TWO really good reasons: Being nicotine dependent is a pain in the ass, and I ain't going out like my folks. Nuff said.

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Buzz Out!