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August 28, 2010



I am so proud to announce that The Killer Bees very own Cassandra McShepard has just signed on to co-host the new FOX6 morning television talkfest, REAL MILWAUKEE! The show premeires on September 7th, and will broadcast live between 9 and 10am, Monday-Friday. Here's an excerpt from the FOX6 Press Release...


Two new faces will be joining “Real Milwaukee” when the program debuts on Fox 6 the Tuesday after Labor Day. Former WMCS-AM talk show host Cassandra McShepard will join Katrina Cravy, Rob Haswell and Nicole Koglin as a co-host for the show. Former WXSS DJ Tony ‘Zamboni’ Clark will be seen live on location as the ‘rover’ for the new program.

"I'm so looking forward to spending my mornings chatting it up with Katrina, Nicole, and Rob... just in the nick of time too. I was getting real tired of being at home talking to myself!" McShepard said.

“I’ve only known Cassandra a short time, but she’s amazing!” raved Fox 6 VP/News Jim Lemon. “When ‘Real Milwaukee’ debuts, Kat, Rob and Nicole will have a ball with her,” he added.

In addition to her radio talk show career, Cassandra is known for many talents, including fashion design and motivational speaking. She is a Milwaukee native.

“She brings a fresh energy and a unique perspective to our show, and her shoe collection is fierce!” said Fox 6 Special Projects Director Anne Brown who has been working to get the show ready for air. “It’s like herding cats,” Brown said, referring to the personalities of the on-camera and behind-the-scenes staff.

Real Milwaukee” is a brand-new local program produced by Fox 6 to give local viewers a chance to get involved in the community and learn more about what makes the Milwaukee area great. The show will deal with topical issues, fun segments and actively encourage viewers to join in the conversation via email, Facebook, Skype, carrier pigeon and smoke signals.

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