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bee my guest?
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December 21, 2010



Have you ever thought that you might be in possession of something that for what ever reason no longer belongs to you? Sound odd? Well I have often thought that the one thing I needed, that thing that would make the road a little easier to travel- was the thing that some one was tripping over cause it was in their way!

Don’t get me wrong,  it doesn’t even have to be tangible.
It could be something as simple as some information or even a smile, some thing that if given wouldn’t even be missed, but something that if given could be the help or the blessing that someone else needed. You see I’m thinking that life would be much sweeter if we would just share the wealth.

Oh, I know some might say, “I am barely getting by myself”. Still I say if you would consider unloading yourself of some of the things that your holding on to, you might just find or make room for wealth to appear. And if we would all just pass along those things we are no longer using not only would our loads be lighter, but the things we release could just be the blessing that would make a profound difference in the lives of other. But we’ll never know if we don’t share the wealth.

Okay, so what does it mean and how is it done? Especially if you feel you have little to give? Well some of us have a wealth of experiences, share them! Some of have a wealth of information, share it! Some of us have a lot of time. I don’t know who, but you know who you are- I say share yourself! Some are rich in compassion, please by all means share it. And some of us have far more things than we will ever need or use…“Share the wealth”. And of course some of you really have actual wealth, the financial kind, um you can pass that along…to me.

Releasing is a spiritual principle, and it is the only way to keep things flowing. Otherwise we become blocked, backed up and bogged down. I have found that the more stuff I have, the more stuff I have to keep up with, the stuff I have to clean and dust. The more stuff I acquire, the less room I have to enjoy my stuff. Releasing things has a way of lifting one higher, making one’s load lighter.

It is the opposite of hoarding. Imagine yourself sitting guard inside your warehouse of goods so nothing can escape, blocking the doorway so nothing gets away…blocking the path, well that blockage also prevents everything from getting in. Now this, like most things is personal, it’s your decision whether to share or not. What you share, if anything, you do get to decide.

But you see this is what I know so far;
The one who does the giving is the one who receives the most.
Merry Christmas, and peace...

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