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bee my guest?
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December 5, 2009


Everybody gets their Christmas on in their own way. Some people collect villages or nativities. Others Radko and Fontanini, but just about everybody has their "thing". I dig vintage. Specifically 1950's and 1960's. I love all the hot "candy colors". Turquoise, orange, gold, kelly, and especially pink. Why should I stop using my favorite color at Christmas? It's my thing. Traditionalists may admonish my abstract use of red and green derivatives, and surely purists of the fresh cut fir society will cringe at my insatiable lust for white and aluminum trees...who cares? My yule is COOL man!

I love the nostalgia of it all too. It's cheeriness, and sometimes it's outrageousness. The flavor of my personal Christmas style extends itself right down to my gift wrap, Christmas cards, and even the way I decorate my cookies.

It's kinda funny. Whenever someone sees my place all decked out holiday-style for the first time, they usually say, "how you". I take it as a compliment.

So what's your thing? Whatever it is, deck your halls, light it up, shine it up! Santa, like most people, looks GREAT in pink!

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Buzz Out!