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December 8, 2009


Christmas. Chanukah. Kwanzaa. Holiday parties, office parties. Shopping, cooking, baking. Cards and decorations. I give it all up.

Well, not literally, but...

I have spent the last 20 some odd years trying to create perfect holidays. The kind I remember as a kid. Of course if I look beyond the sheen of childhood memories, I can easily see that they were not perfect. My Mother, in the same vain attempt to do what I've been striving for, nearly killed herself trying to do it all. It's a family joke, but there really is series of photos of her, taken several Christmas Eves in a row- passed out on the sofa from sheer exhaustion. Someone would eventually cover her with blanket, take the picture, then turn off the lights- leaving her and her empty box of See's Candies [nuts and chews, of course] to sleep in peace... So she could get up at 6am and start making Christmas dinner!

For nearly a decade I made thousands of cookies, which in turn became dozens upon dozens of Christmas Cookie tins. I would box them up and ship them all over the country, then drive all over creation [often times in miserable driving conditions] delivering the rest of them to my friends doorsteps. No really, I'm serious.

But times have changed! The do, do, do, is done, done, done!

Thanksgiving arrived on the heels of two insane work weeks... for only the 3rd time in 21 years, I did NOT make my famous turkey feast. Instead I feasted at a friends in lieu of cleaning my house, cooking for 2 days, then cleaning my house again. Delightful. Thank you Marilyn!

I'm not bragging, but I had no fewer than 4 holiday party options for Saturday night. I went to only ONE, enjoyed it thoroughly, and didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about not making it to the others. Fabulous party Mitch, LOVED IT! And get this. No one I didn't send a card to last year said to me "Hey! How come you didn't send me a Christmas card?!"

I also left the breakfast dishes in the sink for 3 days, and didn't make my bed 4 times last week. Who am I, and what have I done with Michael, you ask?
I am Michael the liberated! And Mikey likes it.

Of course if you have small children, there are certain obligations of merriment making that you cannot deny, and neither should you. Especially if you are one who truly enjoys the making of merriment! However keep this in mind; lead by example and teach them that the beauty and truth of the season lies not in the holiday tangle, but in family, friends, togetherness and the real reasons you're celebrating, whatever your faith or traditions.

Would someone fix me another hot buttered rum?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with EVERY word! I am also one of those that recently "gave up" on some of my old holiday notions that every friend must be remembered. The truth is that the ones that are TRULY your friends you have kept in touch with all year....and that is MUCH more special than any package wrapped up in a bow.

Love and harmony are for every day...not just a Holiday.

Buzz Out!

Buzz Out!